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Benefits of Sleeping

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Who doesn't enjoy a good night's sleep? But what if someone asked you about the benefits of sleep? Well, the answer is very simple, "first and foremost, for your health". Everyone dreams of one day becoming a millionaire, but the fact is, most millionaires work more than 60 hours a week. Wouldn't you think that this is a great risk to their health? Is all that money worth sacrificing your health? Of course, not all millionaires do this, but you understand my point. In this article, we will take you through the benefits of sleep in an exclusively deep manner.

1. Appetite stimulation:

An increased appetite is one of the items you can file under the benefits of sleep. Appetite is brought about by hormones known as leptin and ghrelin. Having a good sleep will ensure that there are enough leptin and ghrelin hormones in your body. These two hormones are responsible for increasing your appetite. If you have more of an appetite, then you will be eating more meals. And from research, it has been shown that eating more meals is one way of getting rid of body fat through the increased rate of body metabolism. This ties into many, myths and facts of healthy eating.  


2. Stress Reduction:

This is second among the benefits of sleep, through better sleeping you can ensure that the levels of hormones responsible for stress are kept to acceptable standards. Doctors have also argued that lowered blood pressure, which brings about stress in people, is one of the benefits of sleep. We are all aware of the problems that can be associated with increased blood pressure. In fact, it is a serious disease that should be avoided at all costs. Reduced blood pressure hastens the aging process by enhancing degeneration of cells in the body. To do away with all these life-threatening issues and stay stress-free, ensure that you have a good night's sleep.

3. Diabetes:

The ability to avoid Diabetes is another advantage that is vital for the benefits of sleep. Diabetes, especially, type 2 diabetes is associated with a lot of glucose in our body. Researchers have revealed that sleep affects the rate at which our body processes glucose. Reduced number of hours of sleep leads to slow processing of glucose in our body. This will subsequently lead to accumulation of more glucose in our body, which can lead to the development of diabetes. It has also been proved that people who sleep less than 5 hours a day have increased chances of getting this disease.

4. Enhanced Memory:

The final point in the list of the benefits of sleep is having an improved memory. Sleep deprivation may lead to a fuddled feeling that may make it hard for you to concentrate. This problem may be accompanied by memory issues. Having a good night's sleep will not only ensure that you are safe from type 2 diabetes but also enhance your memory by organizing your brain and ensuring that your brain is properly functioning thereby facilitating your understanding and retention capability.



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